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If you have a smartphone and access to the internet you can easily earn money to make your budget travel dreams a reality. Every Penny Pinching Globetrotter should try to earn extra money for travel! Over the last two years I have tested and used these apps and feel they pay a fair wage for the amount of effort needed and I still use them today.  You will work for this travel money but since you can do most of it from your phone you can do it anytime you like. Note-by signing up with our links we earn a small incentive so thank you for keeping our dream alive!

Field Agent

I love Field Agent.  They offer a varitey of ways you can earn money with your smartphone in big box stores. I have been paid to buy, try and tell about certain products and reminbursed for the product. I have been paid to take photos of  marketing materials in fast food chain windows, count the recycling bales behind Walmart and more!  You pick the jobs you want and the pay and details are provide before you decide which jobs to take.  This is an easy way to earn money for travel while you travel. I average about $18 an hour doing jobs with Field Agent.  Sign up here and start earning like a penny pincher for your next vacation! 

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I love Shopkicks!  You can earn for walking into a store, scanning products, shopping online and get money back when you buy certain products.  I have earned hundreds of dollars that I cash out for gift cards to use for cheap and free travel.  Sign up now and get a $1 bonus when you walk into your first store. 



Appen is a data collection company that uses independent contractors (you) to make machine learning programs act more human like. Most jobs consists of simple tasks like speaking phrases into a microphone or evaluating socal media ads (this is what I do) and search engines. What makes this opportunity so great is you can work from anywhere you have internet so perfect for travelers! Contractors are paid by the hour and paid monthly. The pay is rather low but I find I can get the work done in less than the time alloted so I end up making more per hour.  You do need to apply for this job so have your resume ready. You can apply here. 



Perksy is a an easy way to make a little extra.  To earn you interact with cute graphics and answer short question sets about products and brands.  Set up notifications so it lets you know when there is an earning oppotunity.  Otherwise you may miss it.  Sign up and start saving for cheap travel.



Swagbucks has been around a long time.  It is a survey site that offers other means in which to earn.  Before you say "oh no, not surveys" just know that I made $40 doing a back pain survey and follow up and Wade has made $25 doing a follow up group video survey.  Besides surveys you can be rewarded for shopping online, watching videos and visiting websites among other things.  To be successful I suggest trying surveys! Sign up here to start earning more money for budget travel! 

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Merchandiser is very similar to Field Agent. In fact I recommend you download both of them and look at both for jobs. Mechandiser offers high paying jobs doing store resets and product demos as well as smaller jobs in big box stores. Jobs might be checking inventory of a product and taking photos or checking to see if a product is in stock and working with mangament to get it on the floor.  The jobs all vary but the pay and time commitment as well as all details are provided before you accept the job. You can search jobs based on your location so this is a great app to use while traveling.  Sign up here. 



VeryDice lets you play dice and earn points for gift cards!  Each day you are allotted a certain number of dice rolls which earn you points,  You can earn extra rolls by watching ads, taking surveys and trying new product. You then take the points and cash them out for gift cards. I get hotel gift cards so that when we travel overseas we can stay for free.  Sign up now and get bonus rolls if you use my code 3894971. 



Dabble is a little bit of everything.  You can earn by watching videos, interacting with products and taking surveys.  Once you reach $5 you can cash out for a gift card.  It takes very little time and I check it throughout the day most every day. Every penny counts when you want to be a Penny Pinching Globetrotter and travel cheap so sign up today



Strretbees pays well for the little effort you have to put in.  Via the app they ask you for a photo and to answer some questions.  Sample things I have done is tell them about the dinner I made including what products I used. And about the products I use in the morning to get ready.  It usually takes about 5 minutes and pays $1-2.  The best part is after it is approved it pays directly to your Paypal without having to request it. Sign up and use code 86521G and get $1 for trying it out!



VoxPopMe is a little different than the other apps I have mentioned.  For this one you are asked a question and then you record a 30 second answer. I have been asked to share my thoughts on playing games on my phone, how oftern I wear sunscreen, if I shop at discount supermarkets, Coke vs Pepsi etc. It takes less than a minute and pays 50 cents or more.  Sign up and try it out and get $1. 

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