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RV Baja Class

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Join us for a two hour discussion on how to RV in Baja. This was recorded during a live class we did. You will receive an email with the downloadable class that you can watch over and over again as well supplemental information like links to needed forms and GPS coordinates to 15 Baja campsites under $15.

Topics include: common Spanish words to know, how to make the border crossing easy, how to find free campsites, supplies we recommend, Road safety, Tips for a successful trip, how to enjoy marine activities for less than the price you find online and more.

Here is what class attendees have to say:

“Want to spend some time on the Baja but have so many questions and a bit of apprehension, too? Get answers, suggestions and encouragement here.” Al Cox

"This was great! I learned a lot and now feel confident to travel to Baja now." Scott Blubaugh

"Loved this class, now I feel better about going to Mexico." Barbara

Please provide an email to which you would like the class sent to. Please note we are often traveling with out signal so please wait 5-7 for deliver.
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