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Get a job in a national park
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From working at a campground, an amusement park, a national park, a golf course,a pumpkin patch, Amazon, or harvesting beets. There are many ways to earn seasonal money.  I will share information about the jobs we have done as well as resources for you to learn about the options available to you. Expect to make barely above minimum wage and to some times have to pay a reduced rate for your camp spot. Or to make nothing and get a free spot.  You will not get rich by no means but if you have little to no debt and can start out with some savings this type of work can enable you stay on the road traveling in an RV or trailer. 

How We Got a Job in a National Park

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Several of you have asked how we found a job at Grand Tetons so I thought I would share our process for finding a job in a national park. You can read more about the process here

First we decided which national parks we would want to work in. We narrowed it down to Grand Tetons, Yellowstone and Glacier. I then went online to figure out who operates in each park. For example here in the Tetons there is Vail Resorts (who we worked for), Forever Resorts, the Jenny Lake Boat Company and Grand Teton Association to name a few. In Glacier and Yellowstone there are different companies as well.


I then researched each company to see how they treated their employees, benefits, pay etc. In December we applied with two companies at Yellowstone, one in Glacier and one in Grand Teton. We applied for several positions with each company and interviewed for a couple of jobs with each company. In the end we were offered a job at each park but we choose the Tetons for the closer proximity to a city, the employee perks and the better job. (Being a manager was more appealing than cleaning campground bathrooms).


So what park do you dream of working in?

Learn more about living and working in a National Park. 

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