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There are lots of ways you can save on groceries, eating out, shopping, gas and even alcohol!  With just a little effort you can easily earn extra money for cheap travel. The good news is you can scan the same receipt into all of these apps it qualifies for. So one receipt can end up making you 10 cents to a few bucks.  These are all the apps I use and recommend.  So start Penny Pinching now so you can budget travel! Note-by signing up with our links we earn a small incentive so thank you for keeping our dream alive!

IBOTTA-Grocery & Online

Ibotta is a great app to help you save!  You can save on groceries, toiletries, pet food and even alcohol!  In addition, they offer rebates when shopping online to department stores and even for travel!!! Simply load offers, shop, and scan in your receipt. Cash out to Paypal or giftcards. Earn $10 to try it out!  Sign up here



Get Upside is my favorite gas app!  You do need to download an offer before buying gas but the savings are worth the effort.  I have saved over $200 in less than a year with the Upside app.  This is lots more money for cheap travel! Sign up with this link and get 15 cents off a gallon on your next fill up. 

get upside.jpg

FETCH- Groceries

Save on groceries with FETCH! Simply scan any receipt from a place that sells food and earn.  I have even gotten points for purchasing gas and meds at chain pharmacies. Buy certain products and earn more!  You can cash out for a wide variety of gift cards. The current sign up bonus is $2 for scanning your first receipt if you enter code RU3XM here.   

fetch box.png


Scan receipts and earn money back!!! Simply scan all of your receipts into the ReceiptPal app and earn points toward gift cards.  This is an easy way to earn more. If you are already scanning receipts for the other apps I mentioned it is a no brainer to scan them here as well.  Sign up today and start earning!  


CHECKOUT 51-Grocery 

Checkout 51 is a great app to help you save on groceries!  You can save on groceries, toiletries, and over the counter medicine. It is the new age of coupons. Just load an offer from the app, shop, and scan your receipt. You can cash out to Paypal. Earn $5 to try it out!  Sign up here

checkout 51 with phone.png

SHOPKICKS-Lots of Options

I love Shopkicks!  You can earn for walking into a store, scanning products, shopping online and get money back when you buy certain products.  I have earned hundreds of dollars that I cash out for gift cards to use for cheap and free travel.  Sign up now and get a $1 bonus when you walk into your first store. 


COINOUT-Any Receipt

Scan any receipt and earn money back!!! It doesn't matter what you bought, where it came from or how much it costs.  Just scan it into Coinout and start earning.  They also have offers for online merchants. This is one of the easist apps to earn money. Sign up today and they will give you a $1 to scan your first receipt. 



Scan any gas receipt and earn money back!!! You can use your reward at select stores or cash out to Paypal. Just scan your receipt after purchase. No need to load anything in advance and it works at all gas stations. Almost everyone is spending money on gas so start saving! Get $1 in rewards when you sign up. 

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