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Updated: Jun 26, 2019

Although it has been two years, I still remember our first camping trip. We were in Kentucky camped on the water. Our photos from that time are still some of my favorite. I even turned one into a meme to remind myself to just go for it!

Are you heading out on an RV camping trip? If its your first trip it can be a little scary. Check out these tips from seasoned RVers. We asked for their advice and there are some good lessons here.


When you are ready and out on your first camping trip these helpful RV and camping tips will ensure your first trip is a success!

  • Don’t leave the black tank open in a spot that has sewer. You will get blocked up. We just learned this and unblocking has been a royal pain.Keep the septic tank valve closed when hooked up.

  • Know the weighted of your rig when fully stocked. Some bridges have weight limits.

  • Don’t pay for camping when you can boondock.

  • You can’t believe everything in a review you read about a camping site.

  • Take your time driving, don't let other drivers intimidate you, try to get to your destination by 2 so you have time to set up and then relax for awhile before dinner and dark.

  • Tilt awning slightly.

  • Always remember when you pay for the site and electricity comes with it then use electrical appliances. Also when bath houses are there use them as much as possible saves a lot. I’ve had several say ‘oh that’s not for me’ and I understand but most older full timers do it cause it saves.

  • Have a good time and visit with folks. They are out doing the same things you are.

  • Have money in savings. At some point you will break down.

  • Take time to enjoy life! Don't always be in a hurry!

  • My advice would be to double check your awning and make sure it is tilted for water to run off of. We’re long time campers and due to a once in a lifetime downpour and a non tilted awning we’re going to be out almost a thousand dollars.

  • When leaving turn water off at pole and turn off the water heater. Verify windows are closed. Verify cubbies are locked. All lights off. If you have vent covers, I open mine to let heat escape. Drain sewer/grey. Nothing left on grass. When leaving with camper make SURE the antenna is down too.

  • Always turn the water off outside if you are going to be away from your rig.

I would add that the most important thing is to have fun!!! The RV Life is meant to be enjoyed that is why you decided to do this right?!? What tips would you have for those going on their first RV camping trip? Please leave them in the comments.

Happy Trails,

The Penny Pinching Globetrotter

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Invest in a surge protector for electric hook up, adapters for 30 & 50 amp service, RV electric extension cord, second section of water hose and second section of sewer hose. Be sure to have extra hose clamps for sewer line and water pressure regulator for water hook up. Don't forget to have tools along with you. "Failing to prepare is preparing to fail" how I travel. Be safe and enjoy!

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