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Shop Your Way to Your Next Vacation! How Shopping Can Earn You Free Travel.

How would you like to earn free travel for something you already do? Shop!  Every budget traveler can save and earn more money for cheap travel.

Did you know there are several sites where you can register your credit card and earn hotel and airline points just for shopping?  If you shop online, you could be raking in the points and miles by maximizing shopping portals.

My first stop is usually to Here you can enter the store you want and find out who is offering the most reward points. For example, I looked up Target and it showed Amtrack offering 4 miles per $, Hawaiian Airlines offering 1 mile per $, and Marriott Rewards offering 4 points per $.

If I can, I try to double dip.  This is where I buy something on say the Delta Skymiles Site and use my Delta AMEX card to pay for it.  This way I am getting points from both buying through the site as well as using the card. However, the great thing is that you can pretty much use any credit card – you don’t have to use an airline or credit card-affiliated product.

Be on the look out for bonuses. Many times these sites offer bonus of say 1,000 bonus points if you spend $250 during a certain period. This is a good time to shop as you can earn even more points.

If you spend $100 a month shopping online, you could easily earn 1,200-12,000 extra miles per year. Here are some of the shopping sites:

Sign up and start shopping your way to your next trip!

Earn American Airline Points:

Earn Delta Airline Points:

Earn United Airline Points:

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Happy Traveling!

The Penny Pinching Globetrotter

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I'm planning a small vacation with my friends during the Christmas holidays. We decided to spend our journey on beaches, rivers, mountains and small villages. I want to shop for this trip please suggest to me if any Black Friday sale or online discount offers are available such as coupon platforms (i.e. by using their coupons like black friday coupon codes). By the way, what's the status of this COVID pandemic? Any restrictions or SOPs? Please guide!

Me gusta
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