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WE paid only $11 to camp in 58 weeks on the road!

In the last year and half we spent only  $11 on camping fees. We boondock and camp for FREE!!


When we first started out I budgeted $75 a month for camping because I just couldn't believe there was so much free camping out there. But I am here to tell you it is possible to boondock in the US and pay nothing for camping!

​Many times we get ask if RV boondocking is safe and we discuss that more here as well as ways you can stay safe while boondocking.


We have shared all of our free camping/boondocking sites on our Facebook page.


My goal is to provide you with the information you need to find your own free campsites, as well as sharing the ones we have and will continue to discover. It's going to take a little time to transfer all the information from our Facebook page to this website, so thanks for bearing with me! Meanwhile, I invite you to explore my favorite resource,

Free rv boondocking camping (5).PNG

On The Water

Learn more about RVing for free in Missouri 

rv boondocking.png

Free Camping

Learn about camping on the border right off 1-70

RV Overnight in ALma Kansas.PNG

Cheap Camping

Camp for cheap and visit a local creamery in Alma, Kansas

free RV beach camping.PNG

Learn more about RVing for free on the beach

Boondocking on Snowy Range Scenic byway.

Snowy Range

Visit the Scenic Byway and camp for FREE in Wyoming

Boondocking cheyenne wy.PNG

Free Boondocking near Cheyenne WY

RV boondocking for Free.PNG

Yellowstone River

Free RV camping at Itch-Kep- Pe Park in Montana 

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