Updated: Nov 22, 2019

RV boondocking on the beach
Boondock on the beach in your RV

Have you ever dreamed of having a beachfront home? How about waking up on the beach with the ocean before you? Or maybe you have dreamed of watching the sunset/sunrise over the sea from your front yard?

RV life camping for free on the beach
Beautiful Sunsets on the Beach

What if I told you that there is FREE beach camping?!? You can camp right on the beach for free!!!

Once I learned that there was free beach camping I knew we had to check it out.

The Texas Gulf Coast stretches 350 miles from the state’s borders with Louisiana and Mexico and many places along the Gulf coast of Texas you will find free RV camping directly on the beach.


There are spots away from people on the National Seashore, spots near good size towns with plenty to keep you busy, and free beach camping spots near quaint beach towns.

We spent about 5 weeks in December and January exploring the free beach camping in Texas. It was relaxing and nice to skip winter. We set up our Coleman Screen House and spend hours outside watching the waves and drinking coffee or enjoying sundowners.

free RV beach camping
RV camping on the beach

SUPPLIES/CONDITIONS- Important Information

While free beach camping is amazing, there are some things you need to be aware of. Although typically very safe and stable, before picking your spot, you should look into the tide and beach conditions which can change rapidly with different weather conditions. RVers should always use caution to avoid becoming stuck in unexpectedly deep sand. It’s important to be able to move quickly if necessary.


We used a couple of things to make our free beach camping even better that you may also want to bring with you. We used our