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Updated: Feb 27, 2022

Camping for Free can save you lots of money for RVing

We love to boondock in our RV. I mean it’s free so it’s hard to beat. We are penny pinchers after all. But honestly we like being out in nature rather than a campground when we RV. Sure campgrounds offer amenities like water, electricity and access to WiFi and cable. But these comforts cost money, and when you are a full-time RVer, these costs can really add up.

Boondocking lets us keep camping cheap and easy.

For us boondocking is camping for free out in nature without hookups. But we have camped for free at all kinds of places like Walmart, truck stops, and rest centers and some people call this boondocking. We try to never pay for camping so that we can travel full-time in our RV on a budget.

And for the first time in months we were boondocking in Missouri. Sure we had spent the last few months in a friends driveway in our RV. But now we were back out in nature and living off-grid boondocking for free!

While we have been on the road for several days now it didn’t feel like our adventure had begun until we had parked in the boonies for the night.

RV life Boondocking on water
Free Camping near water

Ah boondocking...

So where did we end up? Boondocking in Missouri at a place called Whetstone Creek Conservation Area located about an hour and a half west of St. Louis.

boondocking RV Life
Free Camping for RVers

It was easy enough to get to and very conveniently located off I-70 so a great spot when making the long drive out west. About 1 mile off 1-70 then down about 4 miles of decent, although dusty gravel road.

We drove past lakes, ponds, and lush meadows. We saw a rabbit and a family of deer ran across the road as we were coming in. We even saw a few people fishing from this great boondocking site in Missouri.

Decent roads to this boondocking site

After about 4 miles, we came to the camping area. Not only was this out in nature and just right off the interstate but there were a few amenities!

Picnic Tables and Fire rings at this RV boondocking site

There were picnic tables and vault toilets as well as fire rings. We even saw people camping in tents. Signal was a little iffy here with it switching from Verizon 3g to LTE even down to 1x.

We easily found a spot off to ourselves, leveled out, turned on the solar lights and hooked up our fans and settled down to enjoy a quiet and peaceful night of boondocking in Missouri for FREE!

It really is the best way to camp and enjoy RV life in our opinion. And, of course, it helps when RVing on a budget.

The next morning we woke up, made coffee, broke camp, and we’re back on the interstate in less than 15 minutes. Thankful to have found boondocking in MissourI.

Free camping RV Life
Free Boondocking for RVers

You can find this free boondocking spot in Whetstone Creek Conservation Area in WIlliamsburg, Missouri at GPS 38.5801,-91.4353

Have you tried boondocking yet? Do you have a favorite spot?

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Happy Trails,

Penny Pinching Globetrotter

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