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Updated: Jul 12, 2019

Have more money so you can travel more!

A few photos from some of our trips.

While traveling in our RV the past year I figured out how to earn some extra money from the road. I learned about lots of apps to use to earn money and you can read more about them here. But this is about the two apps that earned me the most money last year. Using these two apps while traveling I earned an extra $800 last year.

If you could use a little extra money read on:)

The two apps I recommend to make the most money while traveling are Field Agent and Merchandiser. You can use both of these apps on your phone while traveling to earn extra money. The jobs are simple but do require an attention to detail.

The types of jobs available vary almost all require you to go into a chain establishment. The types of jobs we have done include counting and photographing cardboard recycling bales behind a big box store, taking photos of displays, checking to see if certain items are carried in a store, taking photos of advertisements in store windows, and even buying products that you are reimbursed for and reviewing them. There are also jobs to do store resets, be a food demo person in a supermarket, and even put together displays.

What I love is you can see what the job is, how long it will take and what it pays before you accept. So you can work when you want, doing what you want which makes it perfect for those on the go. The pay is fair paying $3 for 5 mins work or $18 for food demos. When we are going shopping or running errands we will look for jobs and usually make an extra $25-30. All of the jobs are easy and you know before you accept what you will be asked to do and how much it pays.

Both apps offer different opportunities so sign up for both of them to have more chances to earn while you travel. Once signed up everything is explained in detail and can you reach out to them if you need help on the job.


There are lots of ways to earn money while you travel. Another way I make money while traveling is by Mystery Shopping. Learn how to become a mystery shopper so you can earn money while traveling.

If you have questions just ask!

Happy Trails,

The Penny Pinching Globetrotter

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