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15 Best RV Camping Spots in Baja, California Mexico

Updated: Feb 28, 2022

There are so many free and cheap RV camping spots in Baja. The most expensive RV Campsite on this list is $15. Baja is a great place for budget travel. We loved it so much we RVed in Baja for four months and already plan to go back next year. The following are some of our favorite RV camping spots in Baja.

Please know these are just a sampling of some of our favorite Baja camping spots. We highly recommend you download the free iOverlander app to find Baja RV camping spots that will coincide with your route.

1.Campo El Mirador (La Bufadora)- 31.726544,-116.722395

This is paid campground at $100 pesos a night and dry camping about 2 ½ hours from Tecate. It offers amazing views of the Pacific Ocean from a clifftop perch. You can actually hike down the backside to the blowhole (La Bufadora) and avoid passing by all the vendors but if this is your first foray into Mexico why would you do that?

2. Cactus Garden near Catavina- 29.79693,-114.80470

Just off the highway tucked back among the boulders and huge cacti is this quiet little piece of desert heaven. This pic doesn’t do the sunset any justice. The sunset was the finest either of us had ever seen! Note this is dry camping with no amenities. Just serenity.

3. Playa La Gringa- 29.040497,-113.543381

This popular spot for southbound travelers was our first experience with whales in Mexico. Although we just heard them at night in the bay, it was really exciting just knowing they were right there. Many report actually seeing them. We just weren’t that lucky the few days we were there. This is dry camping with no amenities Sometimes a guy comes around and collects a fee to take your garbage. Bonus- when the tide goes out there are all kinds of cool starfish in the water.

4. Downtown San Ignacio- 27.283656,-112.897665

This adorable little town has what we both agreed to be the coolest Mission in all of Baja- and the cutest cat. We camped for free overnight right in the town square. No amenities but plenty of room for big rigs. You can also take a gray whale tour from here during the winter season. There are shops and restaurants around the square to enjoy.

5. Playa Santispac- 26.765782,- 111.886262

This was the first time we broke out the inflatable kayak and got to do some snorkeling. We felt like we had finally reached total relaxation and were really starting to get into the beach lifestyle of RVing in Baja. There is a gate upon entry where you pay $10 a night. In late 2021, there was a dump back behind the restaurant. There are two restaurants on site (1 with Wi-Fi) and vendors that pass by offering food, water and souvenirs. This is a very popular RV camp site in Baja so don't expect to have it to yourself.

6. Right down the road from Santispac but FREE- 26.750830,-111.896476

Just south of Santispac is free RV camping in Baja without amenities except for the occasional produce vendor. The tide changes the beach dramatically in this spot but you can still get out on the water and go to the same places as you can from up the road. Lots of hummingbirds here so break out that feeder we recommend you get. A short walk away you will find a little village with a restaurant for Wi-Fi.

7. Romanita RV Park Loreto- 26.011124,-111.340708

Our favorite RV park in Baja isn’t your normal RV park. It's really small (no class A’s or 5th wheels) and located in downtown Loreto. When we say downtown we mean walk outside and you’re a block from the malecon and two blocks from the “town square”. With the tree covered sidewalks and amazing food options, we love the authenticity of this charming little city. Price is $12.50 a night with water and sewer add $2.50 more for electricity. You can also book boat trips at the campground for a great price.

8.Playa El Tecolote (La Paz)- 24.337189,-110.310480

Free camping on the beach anywhere is cool. It’s even cooler when there’s amenities! This is dry camping but there is garbage pick up and showers and toilets for a small fee next to the restaurants. Just north of La Paz this spot includes restaurants and bars with water sports equipment rentals. The proximity to a major city has additional appeal. Another popular RV camping spot in Baja great for those who don't want to be camping alone.

9. Cabo Pulmo- 23.441370,-109.427440

This interesting beach has no sand. It's made up of smooth rounded rocks. It’s free RV camping and right down the road from the town of Cabo Pulmo where you can take tours of the National Park and snorkel with sea turtles and elephant seals. On our tour we also saw a huge pod of dolphins that basically surrounded our boat. The roads leading to and from this spot are pretty bad. Miles of sandy washboard. It’s slow going but quite the payoff. There are shops and restaurants within walking distance to enjoy.

10. Playa Santa Maria- 22.933670,-109.814920

This is a parking lot just off the highway in between San Jose del Cabo and Cabo San Lucas. You have to go under the highway to get here so nothing over 10 feet tall will make it. No Class A’s or 5th wheels will fit in the parking lot as well. That being said, this is the best snorkeling we found in all of Baja! Amazing schools of fish swimming all around you and the coral. You can park your RV here overnight plus they have security cameras up with a pretty nice bathhouse. Because of the amazing free snorkeling this spot is a must on your RV Baja adventure.

11. Todos Santos- 23.486700,-110.272750

Free RV camping north of Todos Santos in Baja with tons of room for any size vehicle. Crashing surf 24/7 and a breeze made this a lovely place to chill and sleep! This is dry camping so no amenities but there was a cell signal and on certain days massage is offered right on the beach.

12 Ojo de Liebre Campground- 27.746441,-114.018552

After a drive through a salt mine and miles of washboard you arrive at Laguna Ojo de Liebre. Although it’s quite beautiful in it’s own right, this final spot is not so much about the location and views as much as it is the activity available here. This is where you can not only see gray whales up close but oftentimes actually get to touch them! They are in the area from January-March but they say February is the best time to see them. Mother gray whales rear their young in this lagoon and they love people! They tend to gather around the vibrating motors of the tour boats and are happy to let you see them up close and personal. It’s a mind blowing experience for any animal or nature lover! It's $100 pesos to dry camp and $200 to camp with a palapa. Once you enter you can camp as long as you want for no additional cost. The whale tour is $900 pesos and they only take cash. There is also a restaurant on site.

13. Playa Palmilla N 23.01026, W 109.71695

I read that there was great free snorkeling here but I couldn't find any RV camping listed on iOverlander. So I just googled up the location and we went to check it out. When we arrived we asked at the information desk if we could park here over night and we were told it wasn't a problem. So we stayed two nights for free in the hard packed parking lot right next to the beach. There was free snorkeling, bathrooms, and at night it was fairly quite. We were the only RV but felt very safe as its located within a exclusive community.

14. Playa Ligui N 25.74191, W 111.25861

There are so many great spots to camp near Mulege on the Bahia da Conception. Earlier we mentioned Playa Santispec and the free camping near there. On our way back North we wanted to check out another spot on the beautiful bay so stopped here. This is free dry camping with no amenities not even cell signal but you can enjoy the cool coves near by and hike up on the rocks.

15. Mulege light house N 26.90223, W 111.95489

Just outside the town of Mulege you can RV camp for free near the lighthouse. No amenities here but there is a cell signal and some garbage cans. We loved the cute town of Mulege so be sure and check it out. Right on the water with a view of the cute small lighthouse.

There are lots of wonderful free and paid RV campsites in Baja. This is just a small sample of the many places we stayed in our four months RVing in Baja. To make your time in Baja more enjoyable we do recommend these supplies. Especially the sand boards as we did have to use them.

You also need special insurance and an FMM to RV in Baja. Find out more here.

Happy Trails,

Melissa & Wade

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