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RV in Baja

Updated: Feb 28, 2022

After 4 months enjoying our RV in Baja we are happy to share with you how to enjoy this winter paradise.

Please note this is a supplement to our RV Baja class so not complete information. "This was a great class, I learned a lot and now feel confident to travel there." Scott B "I loved this class and I feel better about going to Mexico!" Barbara

Crossing the Border

There are several border entries for your RV Baja trip but after extensive research we chose Tecate so that is what we recommend for you when RVing in Baja. It's the smallest option so you will not have to wait lots in line and for us and other RVers we met it was a smooth and easy crossing.

The first important thing to note is that you will need Mexican vehicle insurance when RVing in Baja. While your current insurance may offer coverage in Mexico you are required to have a policy insured by a Mexico provider. We decided to join Discover Baja to get ours since we knew we would be here several months and we also needed to insure our scooter and they offered the best price for us when I compared. Another popular option is Baja Bound I suggest getting a quote from both.

You will also need an FMM This is your tourist visa for Baja and all of Mexico. This is a very important document because without it you are considered illegal. We purchased ours online. If you go this route be sure and print your receipt and the document as you need both to show at the border. You can also purchase it in person at the border but we chose the online option.

IMPORTANT- when you cross no one will mention that you need this. It is your responsibility to either park before you cross the border, walk over and get this stamped or after crossing the Baja border you can park along the street and walk back over to get the FMM stamped. Note you need an FMM for everyone in your group. If only RVing in Baja you do not need a TIP like you do for mainland Mexico.

Affordable Activities in Baja

If you are a planner like me you will want to go online and book your activities in advance. But unless you want to pay extra you should resist the urge and book when you arrive in each city. In Loreto you can visit the national park by boat and go to see the blue whales there from January to March. You can book at the Romanitas campground mentioned below for much less that you will find online.

In La Paz we recommend MC Yachts for all of your marine activities. From deep sea fishing, swimming with whale sharks to visiting the island and sea lions. You will save lots of money booking with Carlos. He doesn't have a website, which is one of the reasons you can pay less but you can find him on Facebook and message him there.


We recommend several things to make your time RVing in Baja easier and more enjoyable. If you like to boondock like we do, the one thing we really think you should have is sand boards and yes we had to use ours! Check out the complete list here.


Please know these are just a sampling of some of our favorite camping spots you can find more here. We highly recommend you download the iOverlander app to find spots that will coincide with your route.

1.Campo El Mirador (La Bufadora)- 31.726544,-116.722395

This is paid campground at $100 pesos a night and dry camping about 2 ½ hours from Tecate with amazing views of the Pacific Ocean from a clifftop perch. You can actually hike down the backside to the blowhole (La Bufadora) and avoid passing by all the vendors but if this is your first foray into Mexico why would you do that?

2. Los Olivos RV Park- 30.488897,-115.938829

A park we paid to dump and fill along the way. It was pretty clean and offered full hook ups but there is not much around there to see or do.

3. Cactus Garden near Catavina- 29.79693,-114.80470

Just off the highway tucked back among the boulders and huge cacti is this quiet little piece of desert heaven. This pic doesn’t do the sunset any justice. The sunset was the finest either of us had ever seen! Note this is dry camping with no amenities. Just serenity.

4. Playa La Gringa- 29.040497,-113.543381

This popular spot for southbound travelers was our first experience with whales in Mexico. Although we just heard them at night in the bay, it was really exciting just knowing they were right there. Many report actually seeing them. We just weren’t that lucky the few days we were there. This is dry camping with no amenities Sometimes a guy comes around and collects a fee to take your garbage.

5. Downtown San Ignacio- 27.283656,-112.897665

This adorable little town has what we both agreed to be the coolest Mission in all of Baja- and the cutest cat. We camped for free overnight right in the town square. No amenities but plenty of room for big rigs.

6. Playa Santispac- 26.765782,- 111.886262

This was the first time we broke out the inflatable kayak and got to do some snorkeling. We felt like we had finally reached total relaxation and were really starting to get into the beach lifestyle of Baja. There is a gate upon entry where you pay $10 a night. In 2021, there was a dump back behind the restaurant. There are two restaurants on site (1 with Wi-Fi) and vendors that pass by offering food, water and souvenirs.

7. Right down the road from Santispac but FREE- 26.750830,-111.896476

Just south of Santispac is free camping without amenities except for the occasional produce vendor. The tide changes the beach dramatically in this spot but you can still get out on the water and go to the same places as you can from up the road. Lots of hummingbirds here so break out that feeder we recommend you get. A short walk away you will find a little village with a restaurant for Wi-Fi.

8.Romanita RV Park Loreto- 26.011124,-111.340708

Our favorite RV park in Baja isn’t your normal RV park. It's really small (no class A’s or 5th wheels) and located in downtown Loreto. When we say downtown we mean walk outside and you’re a block from the malecon and two blocks from the “town square”. With the tree covered sidewalks and amazing food options, we love the authenticity of this charming little city. Price is $12.50 a night with water and sewer add $2.50 more for electricity. You can also book boat trips at the campground for a great price.

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