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Boondocking Near Cheyenne WY

As full time traveling RVers we are always looking for free places to camp/boondock. We are penny pinchers after all.

We found a great boondocking spot between Laramie and Cheyenne in Buford, WY near Turtle Rock were we enjoyed a few days of free RV camping. We actually stopped here after spending a day in Cheyenne on the cheap.

Wade and one of our cats Hickory

This spot is located right off I-80 where we could actually faintly hear the traffic.

At the beginning of the non-paved section of the road there is a parking area with picnic tables and toilet.

The road in is pretty bad washboard in spots so we had to drive around 2-10 miles per hour making the 1.5 miles seem much longer.

Camping is in designated areas which are clearly marked with signs. The limit here is 14 days.

We arrived on a Thursday and it was fairly quiet but by the weekend this became a busy place. We had a Boy Scout troop camped near us and a large group of young adults on the other side.

There was a fair amount of traffic from other campers and off road vehicles. I believe it would be quieter here during the week. Not the most peaceful site we have boondocked at but I would still come here again.

When we boondock we use lots of solar lights. We put them out to charge during the day. There was lots of sunshine here.

What I liked about this spot was all the cool rock formations. And the temperature. In mid August it was a high of 80 and low in the 50’s. It was perfect as we were never too hot or cold but just right. We didn't even have to use our fan.

We enjoyed a fire and roasting marshmallows one night. Plus there was hiking trails nearby that Wade checked out.

There are lots of boondocking options here. I saw folks in tents, vans and trailers but no class A or other class C RVs. We camped near GPS 41.1546800, -105.3561502 but there are lots of RV boondocking spots along this road.

There is a dump and water fill up just outside Cheyenne at the welcome center. Find out more here.

Do you boondock? Do you have a favorite free campsite?

Happy Trails,

Penny Pinching Globetrotter About Us

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