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How to Use Maps to Decorate Your RV

We love collecting maps from National Parks we visit and we visit lots so I wanted a way to use them in our RV to add a personal touch.

Turns out our door had some water damage so after Wade fixed the door it became the perfect spot to try using my park maps. If you don’t have maps you can buy them here. or use an atlas.

While I decorated the door with maps I have seen people do tables, walls and cabinets. I have even seen an RV ceiling covered with maps. Look around your RV or camper and decide what you want to cover with maps and you can use this method to make it happen!

If you can collect free maps it makes this RV project very affordable but you do need a few supplies and you can easily get them on Amazon. Besides maps you are going to need the following supplies to do your map project:

1)Mod Podge -This is the glue, so to speak, that is going to hold it all together so you will use lots of it. Get a big bottle or two if you have a large area like an RV ceiling.

2) Brushes-You will use foam brushes to put the Mod Podge on with. You will want different sizes so this kit works great.

3) Scissors- will need these to cut your maps into shapes.

4) Cutting tool- you will most likely need this tool to make cuts in narrow areas or along edges and this tool makes it really easy. It cuts off any access map making a clean line.

5) Scraper- you will use this to smooth down the map pieces so you don’t have bubbles. I tried using my hands and other things but this works best.

6) Sealer- This is the finishing touch that will protect all of your hard work. So don’t forget this step!

Now that you have your supplies you are ready to get started on your RV map project. The first step is to clean the area with whatever cleaner you have handy. Once this is dry you can start placing the maps.

A work in progress

Step 1 -Open one of your maps and decide what space you want to cover and what area of the map you want to use. Use a pencil or I just make a mental note on where to cut. I try to include lots of color or place names in the piece I cut out.

Step 2 -Use your scissors to cut out the shape needed from the map. I find odd shapes look best rather than a bunch of squares.

Step 3- Grab your Mod Podge and foam brushes and cover the entire back of your map piece with a nice coat of Mod Podge paying careful attention to the edges.

Step 4 -Place your map piece onto the desired location and use your hand to smooth it out.

Step 5 - Add more Mod Podge onto the top of the map piece you are working with using your foam brush. Be sure and cover the entire area really well. Take note of fully covering the corners. You can add too much Mod Podge causing the map to rip because it is too wet. In time you will figure out the right amount.

Step 6- After applying a coat of Mod Podge you will use your scraper to smooth out the entire map piece you just added. Working to get all the air bubbles out. It may take a little time but keep working it until it is smooth.

Step 7 -Repeat the above steps until the entire surface is covered with maps.

TIP- When working on an edge or a tight corner, like here on my RV door, you can cut your map larger and get it place. Before covering with the top coat of Mod Podge use the cutter from the supply list to trim the edges.

Step 8 - Let the entire area you covered with maps dry for at least 24 hours.

Step 9 - After drying you will spray the entire area with the sealer. Follow the directions on the back of the can for best results.

Step 10- Step back and admire your work. Good job!

If you make mistake don't worry from far way no one will see it.

If the area in your RV or camper that you covered with maps will see lots of use, like a table, I recommend applying several coats of sealer to ensure it doesn’t get damaged.

Please note you will get Mod Podge all over your hands and maybe even your clothes if you are messy like me. So wear some old clothes when you work on your map project.

It took me several days to do our RV door in maps. I waited for coats to dry and took my time with it really working to get the air bubbles out.

I am really happy with the finished product.

If you want to save some money, start collecting maps from everywhere you go from city directories to National Park Maps and even getting them from AAA if you are a member.

This link includes everything you need in order to decorate with maps in your RV.

So where are you dreaming of putting maps in your RV? Do you collect maps?

Happy Trails,

Penny Pinching Globetrotter

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1 Comment

I love this idea! We have National Park maps from every one we visited and they are just sitting in a pocket in our truck. This is definitely a neat option. Thanks for sharing!

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