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Guy Approved Gifts for the RVer or Camper in Your Life

Wade in his 1/2 zip hiking sweater he recommends

Are you looking for a gift for the RV guy in your life? Maybe you are looking for a holiday gift or birthday gift for a guy who RVs or camps. Is it Valentine's Day, Father’s Day or your Anniversary and you need just the right gift for that RV Camper in your life? Whatever the occasion that has you looking for the perfect gift for the RV or camping guy in your life you are in the right place.

How do I know these are the perfect gifts for the RVer or Camper man in your life? Because they are all products my husband uses and loves. In fact he came up with the list when I ask him “What gifts would you recommend for a guy who RVs or camps?”

I even got him to write up why he thought these were great gifts for the RV or Camping man in your life. So here are seven men approved gifts under $100 plus two splurge items.

Wade loves his Bug-A-Salt

I got Wade a Bug-A-Salt for Christmas last year and he loves it. I splurged and added the laser sighting attachment which made him very happy. He likes showing it to everyone that visits the RV. And it sure comes in handy when we have mosquitos or flies in the screen room or even in the RV.

Here is the Guy Approved Review:

Firstly, it's really well made. Even after two years and hundreds of shots later, we've had no mechanical issues or signs of wear. It does have a safety switch that resets itself after every shot which can be a little annoying but it is safer in the long run. The laser attachment is really cool. It was fun getting it sighted in. It not only increases the accuracy, it relieves you of the need to aim the traditional way. It does, however, have a built-in mechanical sight (pops up when its cocked) that is cool in its own right. You basically feel like an action hero every time you pick it up.

Now what guy wouldn’t like that? Find the Bug-A-Salt here.

Update- This item is no longer under $100 as it was when we purchased it and the time this article was written but it's still awesome.

I did lots of research on outdoor camper stoves before we bought ours. And all the reviews lead me to the Camp Chef- Everest Stove and we have not been disappointed. A friend was recently camping with us who has a Coleman and she said she liked our much better as it does a better job blocking out the wind which can sometimes put out your cooking flame on your camp stove.

Here is the Guy Approved Review:

This stove stays stowed in the rear storage in our RV. It's been shaken around for 50k miles and counting and I have found it to have a super solid build while working perfectly every time. I like that there is rapid boil on both burners but be careful not to cook in this mode unless you like your food black and extra crispy. I love this grill. - Wade

Bonus you can enjoy what he cooks!!! A gift for the both of you.

Because we mainly boondock and don't have a generator we rely on lots of solar powered things. A Solar Battery Pack is a must have for any RVer or Camper because in this day and age we all want our phones and iPads charged and this can charge anything that can be charged with a USB. You can charge it with the solar panel (albeit slowly) or by plugging it in. We like to charge ours when we drive. It can charge up to 4 devices at once and has a great flashlight with S.O.S. mode. We like this model as it can charge your Qi enabled device wirelessly as well!

Here is the Guy Approved Review:

We typically use ours at night to keep our phones charged. Don't expect fast charging from the solar panel on these things. They're more for emergencies than regular charging. We charge ours during the day then use it to power both phones or one multiple times.

You want your devices charged too right? So it's a win-win gift!

This was on our wedding registry and I am so glad our friend got it for us. We had our Coleman Screen Tent set up for the whole season we worked in Grand Teton National Park. I also enjoyed it at the beach. It really expands our living space and keeps the bugs out. Plus it has great UV protection, keeping some of the sun's rays off of you as well.

Here is the Guy Approved Review:

Compact for its size, you'll love the portability of this screen room. Perfect for the beach and/or drivable mountain camps. We use ours anytime there are bugs around or just need some extra shade. Bring your Bug-A-Salt and let the fun begin!

Imagine enjoying a bug-free dinner or sun-downer in the screened room all because you were smart enough to buy this gift!

Update!! After multiple seasons of full-time deployment and random use, some small tears had developed in the "roof". We repaired the tears with tape and used it for another season. Being so pleased with the product we decided to replace it and went with this larger hexagon shaped version and love it even more!

A friend who recently came RVing with us brought Walkie Talkies along and we all loved using them. I don’t know how we made it without them for so long. They come in handy when one of us is outside the rig and to use when communicating about backing up the rig.

They are also useful while one of us is in a chase vehicle. Being able to communicate while one of us might already be on the phone, using it for GPS or another app is faster and safer!

Here is the Guy Approved Review:

If you don't have a pair of Walkie Talkies you're missing out on something so simple you'll wonder why you didn't get them sooner. The longer the range, the more manly.

Wade loves his wool or part-wool hiking sweaters. Although puffies are more packable, for cold weather day-hikes he prefers a sweater with more freedom to move. 1/2 zip sweaters provide nice cooling options for when you start to heat up but the weather doesn't.

Wade in his sweater out on a hike

Here is the Guy Approved Review:

I love mine! Great looking and functional alternative to a jacket. Really any functional performance sweater will do though. Merino wool is softer than regular wool but just as functional while providing moisture wicking that puffies do not. Just steer away from the fashion kind. Performance sweaters are a nice option for chilly days while typically providing maximum range of motion.

As I mentioned we do lots of boondocking. It’s how we manage the RV Life on a budget. To do this we use lots of solar lights. Any hiker, camper or RVer would love a lantern that also can charge things!

Here is the Guy Approved Review:

Love this light! It can totally light up any room or tent and it has a charge indicator. I like the strong clips! The battery pack can also charge electronics from it's USB port. Solid choice for a gift for the RV or Camping guy.

If you have a bigger budget or this is a special gift we recommend these two splurge items for the RVer or Camper in your life.

Wade with his Osprey plus one

We both have an Osprey backpack that we use when we travel. We find it easier to strap on a backpack than to lug around luggage. I did lots of research before we invested in backpacks and this one has not disappointed us (although I have a smaller version which is easier for me to carry).

Here is the Guy Approved Review:

Consistently ranked as one of the best backpacks in the world. The revolutionary suspension system keeps the pack away from your body keeping you cooler while moving and dispersing the weight around your hips. We’ve used ours everywhere from Southeast Asia to the tops of mountains. If you need to haul around 50 lbs or less, this is the most capable and comfortable way to do it. Not to mention stylish and reliable. Can't go wrong with this pack!

If you are lucky, maybe he will return the favor and buy you one:)

Let’s face it sometimes your guy wants to listen to the guy or something else that you could care less about. These headphones are a gift for you and him. Trust me you will both be happy with this gift for the RV guy in your life.

Wade and his Headphones with Mr. Wiggles

Here is the Guy Approved Review:

They're purely a luxury item to have and make for a great gift. I love my Sony headphones. They offer amazing sound and have an incredibly long battery life. It’s nice knowing I can enjoy my music/videos anytime I want in the RV without disturbing my resting wife!

Hopefully amongst these guy approved RV gifts you have found just the right thing for the camping or RVing guy in your life. But if you are still looking for just the right thing then check out our list of recommended gifts for any RVer in your life.

Happy Trails,

Penny Pinching Globetrotter

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Great article! I’ve been looking at the fold out solar charger for the phones for several weeks! Glad to hear they made the list! The walkers too! Thanks! ❤️

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